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Frankly Acting:

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A Devil pokes the Actor: Frankly Acting 2
This is the second book about actor training by John Nobbs. The first, Frankly Acting, outlined the early development of the Frank Suzuki Performance Aesthetics (FSPA), as a western variant and translation of the classic Suzuki Actor Training Method (SATM). This devil's logbook is a series of 25 provocations that poke further and deeper into the alchemical triggers and mechanisms that inform the one true actor training system originally devised by Tadashi Suzuki. Interspersed throughout the 25 provocations are revelations by some of the many actors that have used the FSPA to develop their acting spirit. Tadashi Suzuki, the inventor of the SATM, has stated that he believes that the training is not just for the actor's craft, but that it should be a creative tool for making theatre performances . The FSPA follows on the traces of that purpose, and this book outlines its importance as the creative onestop shop of Ozfrank Theatre Matrix. It includes examples, with colour photographs, that illustrate how Ozfrank director Jacqui Carroll uses the FSPA to impel her productions.

Frankly Acting
"Well John Nobbs, You've certainly done it now! Nothing will ever be the same in the acting game again.....No one but you could ever have written such a funny, de-constructed, eccentric, eclectic book. I loved it."
Diane Cilento

"It was, to say the least, a most thought-provoking and stimulating read, a treatise that elucidates the modus operandi of your company in a clear and exciting way. It was an utterly good read from start to finish….. the style of reading was (aptly) frank and refreshingly non-academic….. a case where the form really fit the content, and every page had me aching to see another performance of FRANK!"
Jon Brokering Assoc.Professor Drama & Theatre Hosei University Tokyo

"Thank you for sending me your excellent book which I found totally fascinating…. "
Glen Tetley, international choreographer

"John Nobbs' Frankly Acting is the first Australian book espousing a uniquely homegrown theatrical performance theory. As Grotowski did in Poland and Artaud in France, Nobbs has articulated an Australian performance aesthetic which revivifies in a contemporary context the theatrical traditions of its geographic region. With illuminating references to popular culture, his Suzuki-inspired method is based on rigorous theatrical discipline, but with an ever-present and distinctively Australian sense of humour. Frankly Acting grounds its theory in the artistic heritage of the Asia-Pacific, with a theatrical resonance which is universal."
Martin Buzacott, Australian writer, theatre critic

Frankly Acting
Frank Theatre was founded by Jacqui Carroll and John Nobbs in Brisbane, Queensland, as an acting ensemble dedicated to creating visceral theatre performances that reflect the best training and aesthetics that emerge out of modern east and west theatre practice.

Since 1992 Frank Theatre has used, as the basis of its creative process, Frank Suzuki Performance Aesthetics (FSPA). John has been developing the FSPA over many years as a Western evolution of the Suzuki Actor Training Method (SATM) and this book outlines the inspirational history of the evolution of the FSPA from its parent, the SATM.

John Nobbs, following an extensive career in modern dance, has utilised his considerable curiosity, combined with a highly developed kinesthetic knowledge to articulate and develop a uniquely modern actor training system that draws on eclectic contemporary and classical precepts.

"…the actor makes himself more interesting by not speaking which, in turn, makes his speaking more potent when it does occur…..
…it is a book written with a light touch, interesting and accessible to the theatrephile as well as valuable and instructive to the true thespian….Nobbs has taken this Suzuki techniques and ethos further than any other Australian and now is the respected master of this art form"

Samela Harris Adelaide Advertiser February 13, 2006
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