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Year 1999       Location Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Japan

Director's Notes


Click to buy Heavy Metal Hamlet now via ArtFilms Jacqui's version of the famous classic uses heavy metal music to drag Hamlet's gormless inaction from dim history into a disaffected 70's reality.

It is a short form version that follows the full story about a Danish prince whose father's sudden death throws him into a flat spin.

Through a meeting with his father's ghost Hamlet finds out his uncle (now married to his mother) is the murderer.

Hamlet spends the rest of the play thinking a lot, but not taking any action.

INSIGHT: ACT BEFORE YOU THINK TOOO MUCH. Click to buy Heavy Metal Hamlet now via ArtFilms

It is said that Hamlet is a play that most encapsulates the existential dilemma of the 20th century. In behaviour veering between levity and solemnity; savagery and courtesy; irony and pathos; Hamlet reveals to us, in a series of images, the hysteria of his emotions. In this unsettled world the Chorus as conduits to the other characters in Hamlet's dream/nightmare flesh out the narrative.

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