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The love of Don Perlimplin
Year 2015       Location The Protestant Hall 18 Merton st Wolloongabba

Director's Notes
This is Ozfrank’s film of Lorca’s fey and mysterious short play of the same name for a cast of three women and one man. Jacqui Carroll has reshaped the text somewhat and shot the film primarily from the point of view of Perlimplin himself.

This is a work of potent mystique. It owns the radiance of Gauguin-esque colours, a romantically pitched soundscape and actor temperament gave me a deeply nourishing experience. My senses were well fed in a way that I felt more whole after seeing it.
Being a performance work that has been lifted into a digital document, it loses nothing of its theatre posture. Its continuity is so adept, the performance had no trouble cutting through my 'ordinary time', taking me quickly into its grounded dreamscape. I can easily say the magical quality of this work ought not be missed.

Grahame Thomas, Manly.
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