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Oedipus Rex
Year 1995 / 2004       Location Brisbane

Director's Notes

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The text of this production of Oedipus Rex has been gleaned from several different translations of King Oedipus by Sophocles, the principal translation used is that of E. F. Watling. As well some Latin text taken from Stravinsky's Oratorio, Oedipus Rex has been used to enrich the language of the drama.

Oedipus battles against the forces of destiny with passion and energy, he battles with those eternal forces which appear to govern his life. In this drama of revelation upon revelation Oedipus and Jocasta rise and fall among the powers that envelop them. The seer, Tiresias, and the Witness reveal those prophesies and truths which are the source of Oedipus' undoing.

"…as those familiar with previous Frank productions can attest, Carroll and her company specialise in creating intelligent and lavish visual spectacles that stun, soar and absorb attention. Oedipus Rex is no exception, adding a striking addition to an already outstanding record. Frankly magnificent."
Campus News 2004

"...I thought that Emma Pursey’s performance, as Jocasta, was exceptional, and…John Nobbs’ measured progress toward his tragic fate was a tour-de-force which simultaneously demonstrated technical strength and interpretive genius... it’s rare in Australian theatre to find a theatre company whose rigour and discipline provides such exciting and beautiful theatrical rewards."
Australian 2004

"...as an ensemble, Frank combine a sense of effortlessness with an intense focus; they blend together as one and then separate into individuals, captivating the audience with their gaze and their intense energy… This is a theatre company deserving financial support; their innovative and emotionally charged classical productions merit a national and international audience."
Theatre Australasia 1995
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