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The Royal Fair
Year 2003       Location Brisbane

Director's Notes
EuroFrank has developed a unique cross-cultural experience in this bilingual production of Croatian Playwright Miroslav Krleza's The Royal Fair.

Four Croatian actors, Dora Polic, Marijana Kardelj, Lana Gojak and Nina Kaic joined John Nobbs, Conan Dunning and Frank Theatre associates to bring you a story blazing with colour and rich with emotion.

"...Carroll's excellent distillation of the tale centred on the futility of suicide in seeking peace from the torment of lost love....Conan Dunning showed, powerfully, that death is no escape. He is an excellent mover and conveyer of the theme.

...Such was the power of movement from Croatian actors Dora Polic, Marijana Kardelj, Nina Kaic and Lana Gojak performing with Frank members John Nobbs,Annette Schoenberg, Julie Marich,Tracey Kay, Rachel Ross, Alexandra Collier, Thierry Cartoux and Ira Seidenstein, that the theme was strong even through the interaction of the two languages English and Croatian.

...Frank Theatre co-directors continue to push the boundaries of performance and communication."
Courier Mail 2003
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