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Midsummer Night's Romeos
Year 2003       Location Japan / Brisbane

Director's Notes

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Jacqui Carroll, director/choreographer of Doll Seventeen and her imaginative design team, Glen Brown and John Nobbs, costumes and sets, come together to present Midsummer Night’s Romeos - A youthful, poignant, witty look at the world of night and lovers… A wonderfully surreal work, Midsummer Night’s Romeos, had its World Premiere Season at the Toga International Arts Festival, JAPAN, in a Japan Performing Arts Foundation/Frank Theatre bi-lingual production April 2003.

This fast-moving romp, featuring a wicked, sassy Cupid who interferes in the night-time activities of the lovers re-appearing as the Moon to further complicate matters, will enchant and delight theatre-goers. The Romeos, and there are three of them, will suffer the pangs of love while quoting some of Shakespeare’s best-known lines. Their matching Juliets will be wooed and won by the light of the Silvery Moon.

"...with Midsummer Night’s Romeos, a dazzling theatrical masque that draws on all things Shakespearean, creator Jacqui Carroll and Frank Theatre have produced a rumination on the classic that is bright and cheeky as it is decidedly upbeat..."
Rave 2003

"…Carroll’s mind has again bubbled with ideas. To the first tragic productions of when this phase of her creativity began, she has added the face of comedy, still with intense gestures and vocalisations but now flowing with a kaleidoscopic fluidity and peppered with wit. Here, the actor-dancers moulded their ensemble into moving human sculptures, exaggerating human foibles in well-measured steps and nuances."
The Courier Mail 2003

"...Midsummer Night’s Romeos is a highly entertaining tale that captures many aspects of love".

"…This curiously playful work incorporates music, dance, and Shakespearean text in an attempt to express the frustration and pleasure that Romeo and Juliet’s love endures…"
Campus News 2003
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