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Up Jumped the Devil
Year 2009       Location Brisbane QPAC

Director's Notes

This musical apparition,the playback of a dark soul's payback, is an inflation of the nano-second before the flick of the switch, the electric spark that annihilates the troubled body and releases the tortured soul. Walker, a lost man, whose soul is 'Flapping in a Black Wind', must reconvene his mis-begivens. Walker revisits the netherworld, where, by command of the MC Black Angel, he is initiated by his Daemons of times past (Up jumps the devil).
A carnival memory is evoked (The Carny), and when provoked,explodes in a surreal dream, the Daemons morphing into Animalia, masked Incubi and Succubi.
They Taunt and Travail with him in a suite of diabolical dances, before the twin Queens of the Crimson Stingply some S & M ( I Let Love In).
MC B,ack Angel summons the spectre of Walker's deceased lover ( Lucy),and they dance a duet of beautiful lies(The Ship Song), before she is cut, bundled and barrelled over the edge.Walker the sardonically pleads his defense (Loverman), afetr which the sweet strains of The Carnival is Over come drifting out of the dark to serenade love's burial.
For this sacrifical slaughter, Walker must suffer capital termination (The Mercy Seat).
Having paid the fatal price, Walker's soul rises (The weeping Song) as the daemons descend to rest, awaiting the moment when next 'The Black Winds Blow'.

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